Image URLs hosted by Dropbox must be in a specific format in order to be accepted by Gateway. This format links directly to the public image.

The URL format must begin with:


end in .jpg, .png, or .gif

For example,

Notice that on the first URL, the image is the only element on the page, while the second and third URLs include a Dropbox page.

Be sure that the image is set to public, as Gateway will not accept password protected Dropbox images.

Dropbox Basic Users: 

As of March 15, 2017 dropbox has converted all public folders to standard folders for Dropbox Basic users. This may cause public links to your files to stop working. For details on these changes and how to share your files, please visit the dropbox help center.  

Join Account Manager Jen A. as she explains Groupon's image requirements. For info on adding images, see our video 'Adding Images in Gateway'.

The password for this video is: Gateway