What has changed?

Starting on 10/6/2015, all orders shipped are auto invoiced through our new invoicing system. This will eliminate the manual process of our Drop Ship vendors uploading a copy of a paper invoice through CommerceInterface. This process allows for a more efficient and hands-off approach to vendor invoicing.

How does it work?

Up through the tracking upload stage, there are no process changes. As before, once you upload your tracking for open orders those orders will become available for invoicing. Instead of you needing to manually upload an invoice, DS Auto Invoicing will take care of that process for you. This will occur every Saturday for any orders shipped to date. You will receive an email notification from notify@r.groupon.com , notifying you that an invoice has been generated. Progress can be tracked from the Ready to Invoice or Waiting for Payment tabs.

What invoice number will be used?

We will be creating the invoice and with that will come a generated invoice number. You will have the ability to reassign an invoice number to each invoice.

What is the process when units sold don't match units available to invoice?

Please submit a Helpdesk Ticket with the Contact Reason "Payment > I have an invoice issue" as soon as possible.

How are my payment terms calculated?

Because shipments will be batched weekly into an invoice, payment terms will begin from the earliest date of tracking uploaded for that batch. For example, you upload tracking on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Saturday your invoice will be generated with payment terms kicking off from Monday. You will see expected payment date on your invoice details, as well as, the payment terms that were agreed upon during contracting.

If I have issues on my payment, whom do I contact?

For any general questions regarding this process, please submit a Helpdesk Ticket. For issues regarding actual payments, please contact goodsAP@groupon.com

Please see How does invoicing work? for screenshots and instructions on the auto invoicing process.