1. Once the file has completed, it will have a red cloud icon or green cloud icon. If a red cloud icon is present, your file has errors and needs to be revised. Any products not in the error file have been successfully uploaded.

a. Click on the red cloud icon under "Status" to download the error file.

b. Open the file in Excel. Any errors that need to be change will be listed in this file, to the far right of the corresponding lines’ original information. For example, if line 2 says “Variation Grouping ID: Must have at most 40 characters”, this means that the product in line 2 has a Grouping ID that needs to be shortened to below 40 characters before the file can be accepted. See Bulk Upload: Fixing Error Files for information about fixing errors.

PLEASE NOTE: Vendor SKU is the unique identifier for products; any information attached to the Vendor SKU will be updated for that SKU. Once created, the Vendor SKU cannot be changed.


d. In the error file, make any changes and re-save as a .csv file.


2. Click on the “.CSV” button at the top of the page to choose a file from your computer.

3. Your file status will be shown in the list below with the completion percent to the left of the file information.

 4. Repeat until the "Status" column shows a green cloud icon.

For a list of Bulk Upload Errors, see Bulk Upload File Errors.

 Join Account Manager Kate H. as she shows you how to correct Bulk Upload errors in Gateway.

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