If you upload an image URL and your image appears as a spinning circle, your image URL was not accepted.

To upload an image, the URL must:

  • End in .jpg, .gif, or .png
  • Be a direct link to the image. To check if a URL is a direct image link, paste the URL in your browser; if you only see the image with no other information on the page (eg, site logos, text), the URL is a direct link.
  • Not be password protected
  • Must not have spaces in the URL (ex: http://www.yoursite.com/blue and red chair.jpg - These spaces are automatically filled by % when put into a browser, which makes it appear valid when it is not).

To replace the spinning circle with your image, click the x that appears when you hover over the circle in order to delete it. Then you can upload a valid image URL to add your image to the product or product group.

For clarification on how to use Dropbox when uploading images, see How to Add Dropbox Image URLS.