Greetings Suppliers,

In July I shared several important updates about our ongoing transition to the Groupon Goods Gateway platform and our efforts to address the needs of our supplier ecosystem and make your partnership with Groupon Goods easier than ever. I’m happy to update you on our progress, and announce a new addition to our Goods family!

Gateway Platform

Development of the Groupon Goods Gateway platform is making good progress, and we’re excited to have several suppliers in our beta testing phase. We’ve seen great results thus far and have gathered helpful feedback from the beta group aimed at creating a fantastic user experience for all of our suppliers upon go-live.

Your Account Manager will reach out in the coming months with more information about when and how your business will transition to the Goods Gateway platform. You can expect to receive detailed user information, training tools for you and your team, and personalized assistance with troubleshooting needs. We’re looking forward to partnering with you during the course of the transition.

Supplier Summit Action Items

We’ve made great progress on many of the action items that were brought to our attention by your Supplier Council colleagues at the Supplier Summit earlier this year: We’ve introduced new shipping and inventory tools, added marketplace deals to our mobile platform, and continue plans to integrate marketing tools into the new Gateway portal. If you have any questions, contact your account manager or for more details.

Multi-Order Fulfillment

We often receive valuable input from our customers as well as our suppliers! We’ve heard from many customers that they would love it if products they order at the same time could arrive together more often. To help suppliers accomplish this whenever possible, our vendor-operations team has introduced a new, unique identifier within Groupon Goods order numbers that will appear in the order file. This identifier—called the parent ID—will make it easier for suppliers to see when customers have ordered multiple products from their catalog, which will then make shipping those orders together easier. Keep an eye out for more info on this new solution, which is currently in place for a number of suppliers and will be rolled out to additional users over the coming months.

Remittance Center

Just a reminder that as of March, suppliers are now able to export remittance details from Commerce Interface. You can filter within a 60-day window by purchase order number, opp ID, permalink, vendor invoice number, Groupon-invoice number, payment number, or payment date. Once you export, the Excel file will be available under the exports/imports tab for you to download. The export will have two tabs: a Summary tab as well as an Invoices tab that will break down the details of each payment. If you need additional details for these payments, please reach out to

Vendor Scorecard

In an effort to build a more transparent partnership with our suppliers, we’ve started providing select suppliers with vendor scorecards (in beta) that highlight key business performance within Groupon Goods. The scorecards provide visibility into the key metrics we use to measure operational performance and, ultimately, drive increased sales volume. These metrics include:

  • Shipping timelines
  • Cancellation rates
  • Number of units shipped by fulfillment method

We hope that this improved visibility will help us continue to work together towards our common goals. We’ll continue to roll out scorecards to new recipients via email until the end of the year, and they’ll be available within the new Gateway platform in 2017. To request a copy of your scorecard at any time, contact

Welcome, Doran Davidson!

Goods General Merchandise Manager

I’m excited to announce the addition of our new General Merchandise Manager! Please join me in welcoming Doran Davidson to the Groupon Goods family. Doran brings 13 years of online merchandising experience from another prominent online retailer, where he led categories that included electronics, entertainment, office, toys, seasonal, sporting, home improvement, and automotive. Doran is excited to be in Chicago, working closely with the Goods Merchandising team to help refine and implement the Groupon Goods Gateway platform, prioritize assortment expansion and process simplification, and prepare for our biggest holiday season ever!

Holiday Planning 2016

As we gear up for an exciting peak selling season, I’d like to encourage you all to make sure you’re operationally prepared for what is sure to be our most successful holiday ever!

Next month, keep an eye out for our Vendor Operations Holiday 2016 Questionnaire, which will help get you ready for this year’s peak season. We’ll also send helpful best practices to review, a list of who to contact for specific needs, and updated shipping standards & procedures. We’re counting on you to help us create a great experience for all of our customers this holiday season, and our team will be here to work with you every step of the way. 

If you need information on who your Groupon Goods Account Manager is, please reach out to and provide your business name. Your dedicated account manager will respond with their direct contact information. If one of your primary Goods contacts is no longer available, your account manager can also direct you to a current point of contact. As always, feel free to reach out with any inquiries or input you have for us. We love hearing from you!



Jacob Hawkins

General Manager Groupon Goods North America

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