March 2017 Newsletter


2017 is off to a running start, and we’re thrilled about what the rest of the year has in store. More and more of you have had the opportunity to work with Groupon Goods Gateway over the course of Q1, and we’ve received excellent feedback already. For those of you who have not yet begun the transition process, you’ll soon hear from Groupon team members regarding Gateway account setup. As a reminder, all drop ship vendors must transition to the Gateway platform. See below for more info on the pre-transition process. I’m also proud to share updates on other initiatives our Goods Operations, Logistics, and Product Development teams are working on. These teams are continuously working to provide world-class service and improve the opportunities we offer vendors. Read on for further info!

Gateway Updates

Gateway Pre-Transition Process

The Gateway pre-transition process has begun. Groupon team members will be in contact with vendors to collect documentation required to create Gateway accounts. Your buyers will be Cc'd in all communications for visibility. Vendors must sign and return the Gateway Master Agreement and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act documentation before doing business in Gateway. We want to make sure everyone is able to access the platform without delay when the transition for your business moves forward. We will also collect info needed to determine whether vendors are able to take part in our new Delivery Estimates program. For the latest updates on Delivery Estimates, see the “Vendor Operations” section of the newsletter.

Gateway Questions?

If you have questions about Gateway, you can reach your account manager by submitting a Vendor Help Desk ticket (You’ll need to be logged in to Vendor Help Desk in order to submit a ticket; if you do not have an account, please see How do I submit a Helpdesk ticket?). You can also check out the resources in our Welcome To Gateway portal in the Goods Vendor Help Desk. 


Groupon Branding

As a friendly reminder, drop ship vendors are required to have Groupon branding on all orders in the form of boxes, stickers or tape, depending on your company’s shipping volume. Per the Vendor Guide, the non-compliance chargeback is assessed at $0.50/order (seen as it appears below):

If you have questions about the Vendor Guide, please email You can order Groupon-branded packaging HERE. You may want to take into account upcoming deal caps when ordering branded packaging to avoid ordering more than you require. If you have any questions about branded packaging, please contact your Account Manager. 

Multi-Order Fulfillment Chargebacks

Per the Vendor Guide, when vendors using Multi-Order Fulfillment confirm a purchase order from Groupon Goods, all orders marked with the same Parent Order ID must be grouped together for shipping. Vendors are reminded that they will receive a chargeback for every order marked by our system as one that should have been aggregated by purchase date/Parent Order ID to be shipped together. The chargeback consists of $5 per split shipment box plus applicable shipping costs, and will appear as “Split Orders (Multis)”. Vendors will continue to be notified of chargebacks via standard email to the primary account holder.

The chargeback has thus far only been applied to vendors currently live with our Multi-Order Fulfillment initiative. Multi-Order Fulfillment has been rolling out since November 2016 and will be live for all vendors by March 15th. Vendors new to Multi-Order Fulfillment will be given a 30-day window after being whitelisted for the initiative before chargebacks are assessed. 

Vendor Operations & Logistics Updates

Vendor Scorecard Update

We previously announced that we would soon be providing a rolling 30-day site rating report to accompany the Vendor Scorecard. We’re happy to announce that customer feedback metrics and information on performance in the Delivery Estimates program (if applicable) will be included in your scorecard going forward. Customer ratings and reviews have a powerful influence on customer purchase decisions, and the number of those who trust online reviews is increasing. 

You will see ratings and reviews activity for your business for the past 30 days and will receive data showing the average monthly star rating for all deals on our site, along with the total number of ratings & reviews submitted by customers each month, and the five highest/lowest rated deals for your business. We hope the new metrics will help harness customer feedback to increase sales and improve ratings by better understanding and serving our customer base.

The improved scorecards are already live, and you can keep an eye out for info on further improvements and additions in Q2. If you have questions or feedback, please email

Delivery Estimates

The Delivery Estimates initiative is designed to increase order conversion by displaying dynamically generated delivery date estimates on drop ship deal pages. Estimates are based on several factors, including customer location, fulfillment-center proximity, and fulfillment/shipping timelines. Delivery estimates have greatly improved our customer experience since 2016 peak season and we’ve received excellent feedback.

In order for accurate and consistent delivery estimates to be displayed, we need to have our drop ship vendors provide us with details about their current logistics services and order processing timelines. Vendors eligible for participation in the Delivery Estimates program will now be required to take part. Groupon team members will be reaching out to collect vendor info as part of the Gateway pre-transition process, and your account manager will reach out with further info if it is determined that your business meets the shipping requirements for participation. If you have any questions, please email

Hybrid Fulfillment

Those participating in the Delivery Estimates program are also able to join us in the Hybrid Fulfillment program. Under this popular initiative, we have been able to set a pre-buy contract with vendors for some of their higher volume product so it can be stocked in Groupon’s distribution facilities as well as continuing to be drop shipped. Orders from our site are then routed to the nearest distribution facility, reducing lead time for our customers. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to


If you have any thoughts or questions you’d like to reach out with, feel free to contact your account manager via the new Vendor Help Desk (if you haven’t set up an account yet, please see How do I submit a Helpdesk ticket?). As always, thank you for helping us get 2017 off to an excellent start! I’m excited about where this year will take our business together. 



Jacob Hawkins

General Manager Groupon Goods North America

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