1. To create a link to your image, use https://postimage.io/ or a similar webhosting site to upload your nutritional information. 

  • Do not resize any images, as it may distort them or cause them to become unreadable
  • Make sure that images do not expire and that they are public

2. Once uploaded, copy the direct link URL option (direct link URLs will end in .jpg, .gif .pdf, or .png). Direct link means that the URL links directly the image, without any other elements on the page. This can be confirmed by going to the URL; if there is no information on the page except for the image (ie no other images, ads, etc), the URL is a direct link.



NOTE: For Dropbox, make sure that your URL is in the correct format.

Join Account Manager Jen A. as she explains Groupon's image requirements. For info on adding images, see our video 'Adding Images in Gateway'.

The Password for this video is: Gateway