Images can be uploaded directly from your computer when creating or updating products in the UI. This functionality is not available when using the bulk tool to create or update products.

To directly upload images to a product group, click on the title of the product group. 

At the top righthand corner of the screen, you can toggle between the tab to update basic information, and the image tab. Select the image tab.

On the image tab, you'll see all the images you've added to the deal. You can choose to add an image to the whole product group, or you can choose to add an image to an individual product variation. Select the appropriate option. 

To directly upload an image, click on the "Upload File" button.

Select the image you want to upload from your computer and press "Open". The image will begin to upload to your deal. 

If the image has been uploaded successfully, you'll see a green confirmation banner across the top of the screen. You may see a spinning circle for a moment while the image loads.

The uploaded image will appear in the area of the deal you chose. For this example, we chose to add an image to an individual product variation- the new image appears alongside the other images for the product option:

Repeat the process until all your images are added to the deal. For more info, watch our video on adding images in Gateway below. 


Join our Vendor Communications manager Ella S. as she walks you through how to add images in Gateway.

The password for this video is: Gateway