July 2017 Newsletter 

Greetings Goods Vendors, 

Q3 has arrived, and this month we’re celebrating a few of our Q2 successes while looking at ways to keep our momentum going leading up to peak season. Meanwhile, our Gateway progress remains on track. If your business is still in the process of transitioning to Gateway or has not begun the transition yet, please see below for important information about the onboarding process. Read on for further news about what we have planned for Q3 and beyond!


Gateway Updates


If you haven’t yet heard from our pre-migration team regarding the documentation needed to create your Gateway account, your business isn’t beginning the Gateway transition yet. All Goods drop ship vendors must transition to Gateway and will continue to be onboarded through Q3 of this year. To ensure you receive all Gateway transition-related communications, please add and to your address book today. 

Gateway Onboarding

A reminder to drop ship vendors during the Gateway onboarding process- we want to make sure you contact the correct resources for your needs. See this guide to the best point-of-contact based on where you are in the Gateway onboarding process.  

Commerce Interface & Gateway 

If you received an email with a cut-off date for drop-ship deal creation in your Commerce Interface account, you MUST take the recommended actions to ensure your business has access to Gateway by this date. If we can't reach you by this date, a Gateway account will be created for your business with account info currently on file, and our team will proceed with access changes to your Commerce Interface account. If you have questions about deals in CI and Gateway, please submit a Vendor Helpdesk Ticket.

Merchandising Updates

Home Appliance Category Updates

In mid-July, vendors selling products in our Home category will able to recategorize a selection of products. Please see this Vendor Helpdesk resource for full information on the Home categories that may require reclassification. There will be no penalty if you don’t re-categorize impacted products at this time, but the historic categories will no longer be available for use. Gateway users should be aware that there will be some required attributes for the new categories. 

Groupon Custom Product Photography 

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 11.48.18 AM.png


Did you know Goods vendors have access to our professional in-house photography team to create high-quality imagery for your products? Groupon imagery is shot to emphasize key product selling points, is zoom capable, and adheres to all site template specifications. If you are interested in having product photography produced with the Groupon team, see this resource for FAQs, instructions, rates, and examples of the team’s work:

Groupon Product Photography Guide & FAQ

Vendor Ops/Logistics Updates

Our teams have worked hard to develop programs with our vendors that will optimize the way we do business and deliver great products to our customers. In Q2, we expanded the Hybrid Fulfillment program, enabled Multi-order Fulfillment for all of our drop ship vendors, and further ramped up the use of Delivery Estimates. For information on any of the above initiatives, please reach out to your account manager or email, and see below for info about a few of the other programs our teams have been working on. 

Pay When Ship

Beginning in July, we are updating how invoice terms are calculated. Moving forward, payment terms will begin once a shipment has shown the first movement in the carrier system. Please be sure you are using a Groupon approved carrier/service- see the chart below for reference. You can reach out to your Account Manager with any questions.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 10.44.46 AM.png

Remittance Center

In the month of July, we will be updating the Commerce Interface Remittance Center to provide more detailed reporting regarding your invoices. The updates will allow you to break down each invoice at an order level. Look for more details in the coming weeks, and feel free to reach out to your Account Manager with any questions.

Express Delivery

Express Delivery was launched in May and will continue to ramp up with select Goods drop ship paid parcel vendors throughout Q3. Look for more info on when Express options may be available for your business in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we need vendors to prepare for shipping express orders with a faster turnaround time. If you want to participate in the Express Delivery program, you must also participate in Delivery Estimates. If you have questions about your eligibility, please reach out to your account manager or email

Until Next Time...

If you have questions or feedback for us, you can contact your account manager via Vendor Help Desk. We’re always happy to hear from you, and we’ll continue to share the progress we’ve made on our 2017 goals, the Gateway transition, and our peak season plans over the course of the next several months. We hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Summer! 

Warmest Regards,

Jacob Hawkins

General Manager Groupon Goods North America

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