Below is a full list of Groupon approved carriers.

ABFABF or abf
AIT WorldwideAIT or ait
Associated Global SystemsAGS or ags
CEVACEVA or ceva
Canadian PostCADP or cadp
DHLDHL or dhl
EsquireESQC or esqc
FedExFEDEX or fedex
FidelitonePRNL or prnl
JB HuntJBH or jbh
MXD GroupMXD or mxd
MannaMNA or mna
NVC LogisticsNVCP or nvcp
Old DominionOLDM or oldm
R&L CarriersRRCAR or rrcar
STISTI or sti
UPSUPS or ups
UPS Mail InnovationsUPSMI or upsmi
USPSUSPS or usps
XPO LogisticsXPOT or xpot

Please note all carriers must comply with the expectations below. 

  1. Real-time electronic tracking status updates. All carriers MUST show progressive scans. Third party sorting services are non compliant. 
  2. Requires an adult signature for delivery if the Goods have an aggregate retail price in excess of $1,500 and/or contain alcohol or tobacco products.
  3. For Drop-Ship Services in connection with LTL/FTL Shipments (as defined below), if utilizing one of Groupon’s approved carriers, as provided to Seller via Goods Central (the “Approved Carrier”), and ensure that each LTL/FTL Shipment is delivered to the applicable customer within 5 business days of the customer order date; if utilizing Groupon’s LTL/FTL Freight Provider, ensure that each order is prepared for pick up by carrier within 2 business days of order date.

Please refer to the Vendor Guide for all shipping expectations.