If you want to submit a contract identical to an existing contract, but with different dates, you can clone a contract. 

NOTE: Cloning a contract will clone all uneditable information, such as Payment Terms. Do not clone a contract in order to replace an erroneous contract (eg. at the buyer's request). In this situation, create a new contract.

To clone a contract, 

1. Find the existing contract on the Contracts page.

2. Hover over the gear icon, then click on the option "Clone Contract" in the menu that appears.

3. A new contract will be created with the same information as the original contract, except for dates. The default Option Effective Date will be the following day and the default Option Locked Until date will be 1 year. You can change the dates by clicking on the field and choosing a new date.

4. You are able to change the Unit Price, Shipping (if applicable), and Minimum Number of Units before checking the Terms & Conditions checkbox and submitting the contract.

REMEMBER: The contract will not be saved and submitted until the "Agree & Submit" box is clicked on the bottom of the page.