When do I receive POs?

POs are sent to the Primary and the Warehouse contacts listed in the Account Settings tab of Commerce Interface. They will be signed under the To Be Signed Column of the PO tab in CI:

POs are sent approximately every 2 business days and you may receive your first PO prior to your feature date, on your feature date, or after your feature has already launched. Be mindful that there may be additional PO(s) cut in order to reconcile any units sold within your original OTP agreement.

Getting Product to 3PL Warehouse

We have added the ability for you to route a PO and track most of its progress within CommerceInterface. 

**Please note, if you are paying your own freight, you will not schedule a PO within our system**

1. Upon receiving a Purchase Order, please visit CommerceInterface and click the Purchase Orders tab. You will see "All" POs that you have received from Groupon. 

2. Please click "To Be Scheduled" to see all the POs that need to be routed. Please click the PO you are trying to schedule. This must be completed by 12 pm CST on the day of pickup.

3. You will then be taken to either the ABF page or FEDEX page for routing based on the weight of your Purchase Order. Please follow the on-screen instructions in either scenario to receive the appropriate shipping documents.

Please watch this video for more information.http://vimeo.com/103718679

How do I get paid?

You will be paid per PO based on the received quantity at our warehouse. Once we verify that your PO is 100% received, it will move into the "ready to invoice" column.