If an error occurs while scheduling, confirm the following:

1. Remove your company name from the pickup address line. It should just list the street number and address. Also try removing any periods after cardinal directions i.e. W. Chicago. 

2. Click "edit" next to contact name and type in your actual name if this field is populating the company name.

3. Ensure you are using a recommended browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

4. Do not include dashes or parentheses in your phone number and remove any extension number.

5. The total weight at the bottom should also not exceed the amount entered on the first page.

6. Make sure the weight is at least 1lb. System will not process a label for less than 1lb.

7. Ensure you have the correct access level as a user (only Level 1 and Level 0 access levels can sign/schedule POs).