As part of Groupon’s Streamline and Simplify initiative, we are standardizing payment terms for Groupon Goods to the four options below. Please select a payment option and enroll per the enrollment instructions within three weeks of receiving this notice. Suppliers who do not actively enroll will automatically receive option 4 (full payment in 60 days). The option selected will apply to payments on new or re-featured deals.  Changes will be made only with approval from Groupon’s Accounting, Finance and Goods departments.  



Terms (After Rcpt. of Invoice)


Payment Method


Enrollment Instructions

1 (Groupon preferred)

Buyer Initiated Payment (BIP)

30 days

Custom; < 2%


American Express

Please call American Express at 1-800-825-3272 to enroll


Credit Card (MasterCard)

15 days

Per Supplier’s CC agreement

Single Use CC# sent via email

Bank of the West 

Please click here to enroll


Groupon Discount

15 days




Please click here to enroll


Full Payment

60 days




Please click here to enroll

How does BIP (Groupon’s Preferred Option #1) Work?   BIP technology allows Groupon Goods, upon invoice approval, to electronically initiate payments through American Express (without using a credit card) directly to the Supplier’s bank account.  Suppliers enrolling in BIP will either setup a new AMEX merchant account or use an existing AMEX merchant account to obtain payments from Groupon Goods.  To enroll in the BIP program, please call AMEX directly at 1-800-825-3272.  The enrollment process is fast and easy and can be completed in approximately 15 minutes.  If you are an existing AMEX merchant, please be prepared to provide your merchant account number.  If you do not yet have an AMEX merchant account, the enrollment team can assist you in establishing one prior to enrolling in the BIP program.   Please note that an AMEX representative may contact your company about enrolling in the BIP program. 

If you have any further questions, please reach out to your account manager or submit a helpdesk ticket here.