Each product has a Merchant Available QTY, a Merchant Remaining QTY, a Groupon Remaining QTY, and a Sold QTY.

Merchant Available QTY

The Merchant Available QTY (MAQ) is the number of units that the vendor has available to sell.

The MAQ is updated by the vendor. 

The MAQ in Gateway will not change until the vendor updates this number in the Gateway portal, via Gateway Bulk Upload, or via UI.

Merchant Remaining QTY

The Merchant Remaining QTY (MRQ) is the number of units still remaining to sell based on the current MAQ.

The MRQ updates automatically when orders are placed or when open orders are canceled.

Vendors cannot edit the Merchant Remaining Quantity.

Groupon Remaining QTY


Groupon Remaining QTY (GRQ) is the total number of units that are currently available in Groupon's warehouse.

The GRQ automatically updates when new orders are placed by customers. GRQ reduces based on units in the new orders, when orders get canceled, and increase based on units in the newly canceled orders.

The vendor cannot update the GAQ.

Sold QTY

Sold QTY reflects the number of units sold of that product across the entire life of the deal.

Best practices:

  • Update MAQ at least once a day if not connected with EDI

Here is a video demonstrating how to update inventory in the Gateway UI

The password for this video is: Gateway