What is Gateway?

Gateway is the Groupon Goods product management platform created to make it exponentially easier for vendors to manage their product catalogs, contracts, and inventory.


Please note Gateway is for deal setup only,  and you will use Commerce Interface (CI) for order management and fulfillment. 


Goals of Gateway

  • Allow vendor catalogs to go live quickly

  • Bulk catalog upload

  • Give the vendor the ability to manage their own inventory 

  • EDI capability, including live inventory updates  

  • Give better visibility into product statuses and rejection reasons

  • Improve overall vendor experience working with Groupon

How do I log in?

The Gateway platform can be accessed here. If you need your password reset or users added to your account, please submit a Vendor Help Desk ticket by selecting the Contact Reason of “Account/User”. 

Training Materials

Goods Vendor Helpdesk: Gateway Resources

Welcome to Gateway Training

Groupon Goods Gateway: Bulk Upload

Groupon Goods Gateway: Contracting & Featuring

Groupon Goods Gateway: Order Management

Groupon Goods Gateway: Catalog Management

Gateway Training Webinar Video- a 40 minute  tutorial that walks through portal navigation and the entire deal creation process. The password to view this video is: Gateway

Gateway Terminology

I have a question, who do I contact? 

If you have any questions, need support, or help with troubleshooting, please submit a Vendor Help Desk ticket so your account manager can assist you.