October 2017 Newsletter

Welcome, Vendor Partners!

As we step into Q4, we begin to focus on our strategy and best practices for the rapidly approaching holidays. Peak season is always a thrilling time of year for our staff and vendors, and it is crucial to our business success together. This month, our teams have compiled several resources to help you plan for the season. You may have received a copy of the Holiday one-pager that was sent to vendors. If you missed it, you can download a copy HERE. Read on for more updates and resources!

Holiday Preparation

2017 Holiday Resources

Our Vendor Ops team is gearing up for peak season by collecting some information from vendors about transport and logistics to gauge seasonal expectations with their 2017 Holiday Prep Questionnaire. This questionnaire is mandatory for vendors and must be filled out by November 1st. 

The team has also put together a 2017 Holiday Best Practices document that contains our most helpful tips for drop ship and 3PL this holiday season. Please make sure you’re familiar with these best practices before the busy season is in full swing. If you have questions about the Holiday questionnaire or Best Practices, please reach out to your Account Manager. If you’re unsure who your account manager currently is, please submit a Vendor Helpdesk ticket or email vendorops@groupon.com

Gateway Updates

Gateway Resources

For more information about Gateway account access, vendor points of contact, and platform training assistance, please see this resource. If you did not have an opportunity to listen in on one of our Vendor Ops live Gateway training webinar sessions this summer, there is now a recorded webinar session available to review in Vendor Helpdesk.

Co-Op In Gateway

A newly automated  Co-op process in Gateway will be rolled out over the coming months. For further information on the streamlined process, please see this Vendor Helpdesk resource. Buyers will contact vendors individually when it is time for them to begin using the new process. 

Usability Improvements

Our development teams have made some improvements to the Gateway platform. See below for a quick rundown of these functionality changes:

  • Featured deals now display sold quantity counter and timer

  • Image icon quick view- hover over image thumbnails to see image enlarged

  • Language in the bulk upload error file has been updated to clarify file error reasons and solutions. See our Vendor Helpdesk Bulk Upload Error Resolution Resource for more info.
  • Reference page numbers in the lower right corner of all Gateway list pages- ability to scroll or search by page number:

Bulk Upload Tip

Vendors are reminded that when updating inventory in bulk, it is best to use the Cost & Quantity file instead of the Full Catalog file. This will mitigate the risk of accidentally making content changes to the deal and pushing it back through the approvals process. Both files can be found in the top left-hand corner of the Bulk Upload page under the Export heading.

Announcements & Merchandising Updates

Deeper Site Navigation Path

At the end of October, we will expand the selection of specific values in our site-facing taxonomy. These changes will enhance visibility by better delivering category-specific deals to customers in these initial expansion areas: Jewelry & Watches, Health & Beauty, Women’s Fashion, and For the Home. This project will continue through into the first quarter of 2018 when additional categories will be assessed for expansion.

Groupon Vendor Feedback Opportunities

Our thanks to all vendors who took part in the recent opportunity to give feedback on the Gateway platform. Your feedback was incredibly helpful to us and will assist with determining platform development and priorities. We will include updates on how your feedback is being implemented in the coming months. The survey is currently closed, but to give us feedback in future, please add the following addresses to your contacts: goods-comms@vendors.groupon.com and gmerchantsurveys@groupon.com

Site Development & Customer Experience Updates

Extended Warranties
Earlier this year, we launched the Extended Warranty program on desktop and mobile web through a partnership with Consumer Priority Service, a third party warranty provider. Warranties provide peace of mind for our customers and have accordingly improved conversion rates for many products, especially high priced items. We are actively working on expanding this feature to mobile applications, and look forward sharing the results of our efforts with you in the coming months.

Product Bundling
Product bundling is a new type of recommendation mechanism that will allow algorithms and administrators to relate items on the Groupon site. This service will ultimately allow us to offer high-precision recommendations to customers such as memory cards on digital camera deals and yoga mattresses on yoga class deals. The service is still in beta mode but we plan to extend its capabilities in Q4.

Vendor Ops/Logistics Updates

For information on our ongoing initiatives like Hybrid Fulfillment, Multi-order Fulfillment, and Delivery Estimates, please reach out to your account manager or email vendorops@groupon.com. See below for more information on our top projects this month.

Updated Vendor Guide

The Goods Vendor Guide has been updated. It is important for vendors to make sure they are in compliance with all current Vendor Guide stipulations during peak season. Click the button below for a guide to the recent updates, including important changes to shipping standards, and new warranty terms and conditions.  You can access the complete Vendor Guide HERE. If you have questions about these changes, please contact vendorops@groupon.com

Express Delivery

Groupon now offers Express Shipping to our customers and we would like to enable this option for all drop ship and paid parcel shipments asap. Vendors that have not already done so are urged to work with their account managers to enable Express Shipping on their accounts immediately. You must prepare for shipping express orders with a faster turnaround time before peak season volume picks up. To be set up for Express Shipping, you must also be set up for Delivery Estimates with Groupon Goods. If you have questions about how to get started, please reach out to your account manager or email vendorops@groupon.com

Delivery Estimates

Delivery Estimates continue to appear on all eligible vendor deal pages- both Groupon Paid Parcel and Supplier Paid Parcel are now eligible. This initiative is providing sales lift for vendors and significantly improving customer experience. Vendors eligible for participation are required to take part- your account manager may be in touch with further info if your business meets the shipping requirements for Delivery Estimates. If you have any questions, please email vendorops@groupon.com.


Freight Scheduling Process

A Reminder to vendors that when shipping prepaid LTL to Groupon Goods KFC or Groupon Goods FSC, a delivery appointment needs to be scheduled with the appropriate warehouse in advance. If you expect shipment of a floor-loaded “Port of Entry” container, the warehouse will need as close to two weeks notice as possible of its arrival to ensure adequate staffing is secured. We recommend scheduling your delivery appointment as soon as you know the date the container will arrive in port.

If an appointment is not made with the appropriate warehouse for any prepaid LTL or floor-loaded container shipment, your delivery may not be scheduled until the warehouse has the manpower and availability to accommodate delivery. This may result in a delivery delay of as much as a week, during which you will need to put the freight into storage and incur fees that Groupon is not able to reimburse. If you have questions about contact info for our warehouses, please reach out to freight@groupon.com.

Inactive Commerce Interface Accounts

Please note that moving forward, any individual Commerce Interface user account with no activity for 60 days or longer will be deactivated.  If you need to reactivate an account, please contact your account manager or submit a request here.

Until Next Time…

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these first two months as GM of Groupon Goods North America, and I look forward to celebrating our peak season successes together! As always, if you have questions or feedback for us, feel free to contact your account manager via Vendor Help Desk. We’d be happy to help with any questions you have.

Warmest Regards,


Nikhil Sagar

General Manager Groupon Goods North America

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