This error typically occurs when the upload file is being saved as the wrong type of .csv file. The system will insert special characters, causing the file to be incorrectly read as the Cost & QTY file. To resolve, please try the troubleshooting steps below. 

1. Make sure your file is being saved a the file type .CSV (Comma Delimited)(*.csv). 

Do not save the file in the file type CSV UTF-8 (Comma Delimited)(*csv). 

After re-saving the file, attempt to re-upload in the correct .csv format.

tip: When re-saving your file, make sure that your UPCs are saved as text and not saved over in scientific notation. 

2. If you have the file saved in the correct format, please try to re-upload after deleting the special characters in Cell A1.


To resolve, click on the "Source File" link on the bulk upload page to download the file. 

Open the file and delete the special characters  ï»¿ from cell A1Re-save the file as a .csv under a new name, and re-upload in the systems.

3. Make sure the 'Generic Template' is being used to upload new products. 

This error can occur if you are using the cost and qty template, or an outdated bulk upload template to upload new products. Simply click the 'generic template' button at the top of the bulk upload tab to access the most recent version of the bulk update template.