Approvals - A process in which Groupon determines if a product is allowed to be on the site

(Approval) Status - Indicates whether a product is pending, approved, or rejected in the approval's process

Approvals Stats - Approval status overview of all products in the catalog

Auto-Approval - A part of the approval process in which the system checks for product fields information

Attributes - Qualities associated with a category to provide information about a product, such as size or color

Groupon Available Quantity - The number of units available for sale on the deal page, including those in the vendor's warehouse and in Groupon's warehouse

Bulk/Bulk Upload - A tool that allows users to create or update products using a spreadsheet

Bulk Template - The guide file used in order to upload new products in a catalog; also called "Generic Template"; can be downloaded on the Bulk Upload page

Contract - An agreement between the vendor and buyer that locks in the cost of products in a particular product group for a specific period of time

Deal - A product group on Groupon's site

Distinguishing Attribute - An attribute that distinguishes one product from another; creates a drop-down on the deal page

Co-op agreement - An agreement between vendor and buyer in which the vendor agrees to pay in exchange for deal promotion

Feature - A product group that is given Editorial treatment and promoted by Groupon's site for a specific period of time

Left-Hand Navigation - The menu on the left side of the page that helps the user move from page to page

Manual Approval - A part of the approval process in which product content is reviewed by humans for incorrect or inappropriate information

MRT - Category

Merchant Available Quantity- The number of units a vendor has available to fulfill future orders. 

Permalink - Direct deal page URL

Product - A variation which has a unique set of attributes and a unique SKU

Product ID/Universal ID - A product's universal identifier, such as UPC, EAN, or ISBN

Product Group - A set of products which are related and will appear on the same deal page; deal

Product Group State - An overview of a product group's approval; Open (at least one product in a group is approved), Rejected (all products in a group are rejected), or In Review (all products in a group are pending)

Reference Price - MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price)

Rejection Reason - An explanation of why a product was rejected and how to fix the issue; appears when the mouse hovers over Rejected status indicator

Sell Price - The price customers will pay for the product on the deal page

Sold Quantity - The number of units sold over the lifetime of a product

Supplementary Attribute - An attribute that describes a product; "tags" the product with information

UI - User Interface; refers to working within fields on screen

Unit Price - The price of a unit to Groupon

(Vendor) SKU - Stock Keeping Unit; A unique alphanumeric value given to a product