For deals created in Gateway, the Co-op process is streamlined to provide smooth communication between vendors and buyers.

After discussing Co-op terms with you, your buyer will create a Co-op agreement in Gateway. All Co-op agreements created are available on the Co-op page:

When a buyer has proposed a contract but it has not yet been reviewed by the vendor, the Agreement Status will say "Proposed" (for more information, see Co-op Agreement Statuses). To view the agreement, click on the Product Group Name.

The agreement will open with details about the Co-op campaign(s).

Co-op can be created for a product or product group and multiple campaigns may be present on the same contract. Products can be identified as campaigns that have a value in the Attributes column. If there is no value in the Attributes column, the campaign is at the product group level.

Co-op options are:

  • Type: Lump Sum (one-time payment) or Per Unit (money collected based on each unit that sells)
  • Marketing Service: Promotional Even (on-site event) or Feature Email (email sent to subscribers)

The duration of each campaign is listed as start and end dates and may not be the same for each campaign in the agreement.

If you agree to the Co-op terms, click "Accept" at the bottom of the page.

If you do not agree to the Co-op terms, click "Reject" at the bottom of the page and enter a Rejection Reason.

A rejected Co-op agreement will be visible to the buyer and the buyer can create a new agreement for proposal if applicable.

Once the agreement has been accepted or rejected, it will show the changed status on the Co-op page.

To view a Co-op agreement after it has been reviewed, click on the Product Group Name.


  • You should approve co-op agreements prior to their Start Date. Agreements approved after the Start Date will go into effect on the day they are approved, not on the Start Date.
  • If you need to end an active agreement before the End Date, or want to cancel an upcoming agreement before the Start Date, contact your buyer or submit a Vendor Helpdesk ticket.

If you are interested in Co-op, contact your buyer for more information.