Filters on the Bulk tool has be used to show only certain types of files for a vendor account. The user is able to filter by File Statuses, File Types, and File Variations.

File Statuses

  • Created - File has been submitted to be imported but has not yet been imported
  • Waiting - File is ready to be imported
  • Pending - File has been placed in line to be imported
  • Running - File is in the process of being imported/exported
  • Completed - File has successfully finished
  • Cancelled - File has been cancelled by an internal user
  • Failed - File has errors and did not run properly

File Types

  • Import - Uploaded file
  • Export - Exported file of existing products

File Variations

  • Catalog - All information for products in vendor's catalog
  • Third-Party Catalog-
  • Cost & Quantity - Only certain columns for products in vendor's catalog (Columns: Vendor SKU, Approval Status, Rejection Reason, Product/Product Group Title, Product Identifier, Product Identifier Type, Unit Price, Quantity)
  • Commission Rates- Updating only the commission rates
  • Price & quantity- For SSOR vendors
  • Dropship Catalog
  • Feature Update- Mass feature update
  • Contract Export- Export vendors contracts