The order in which products are uploaded is the order that they will appear on the deal page. Products cannot be re-ordered once they have been uploaded.

Depending on your category and how you want your products to show up on the deal page, using the newest bulk upload template, upload:

  • Lowest priced products first. The first product uploaded will reflect as the default sell price on the deal page.
  • Enter in required attributes in order of the attribute that drives your price. (example: pack size, mattress size, bundle, memory size)

In the following example, the luggage deal is driven by the number of pieces in the set, therefore the Luggage Number/Size/Type of Pieces Included is used as the attribute 1 name and the number of pieces is used in the attribute 1 value.  

    Example: Bulk upload


Gateway Product Group: 


Deal Page: 

  • Products in alphabetical order if you have a high-number of options. This will create an alphabetical drop-down list that will make it easy for the customer to find their selection. (example: Sports teams)
  • Sizes in order from smallest to largest. This will allow for the sizes to appear in order in the drop-down list, making it easy for your customer to choose their size. (example: apparel)

If you are using bulk, the product order will be determined by the order of rows when you upload your file. The first row uploaded in a product group will the first product to appear in the group, and so on. 

If you are creating a product group on-screen in the UI, products will be ordered in the same way that they appear on page. For example, if a product is at the top of the list of products, it will be the first product in the group.

Make sure everything is correct in your bulk upload file before uploading. If some options have any errors on only some of the products in your bulk upload, the products without errors will create a product group.  Any additional products added will be added out of order.