When adding a product in Gateway with bulk upload or the single product interface, you must make sure to provide a legitimate reference price link from the manufacturer or a reputable online retailer to avoid product approval delays. 

The reference price link provided should corroborate the price listed during product setup in the reference price field:

The reference price is entered during product setup:Each link should provide evidence of the actual price at which the manufacturer or a reputable online retailer directly offers the product -- prices from third parties selling on a retailer’s marketplace platform will not be accepted. Additionally, based on the product category, our system is set at a certain reference price type which falls under MSRP, Comparable Item, and Other Retailer. Please review this Vendor Helpdesk Resource for acceptable reference price type based on category level.

  • MSRP: The MSRP is the manufacturer's suggested retail price, which may not be the prevailing market price or regular price.
  • Comparable Item: The Comparable Item price represents an actual price in the market for a comparable product.
  • Other Retailer: The Other Retailer price represents an actual price in the market for the same product.

Our screening team checks these links to ensure that they contain clear and legitimate evidence that the price of your product matches the reference price you provided and that the links fall under the correct reference price type. If the link cannot be used to verify the value of your product or reference price type, the product will be rejected and will be delayed in going live. Your buyer may also reach out to you to validate this information on your existing deals.