May 2018

Greetings Vendors,

Here at Groupon HQ, we're all happily enjoying a great start to Q2 and a beautiful Chicago spring. We hope you'll be just as happy to hear about some of the projects our teams have been hard at work on over the past quarter. We're confident all of these will have a positive impact on vendors and customers, and your feedback has been incredibly valuable as we continue making exciting changes to our business. Read on for more info! 

Vendor Experience Updates

Gateway Resources

Recent Gateway usability updates:

  • We now support Groupon Paid Parcel and Supplier Paid Parcel product level override in Gateway, giving vendors the ability to use different shipping options at the deal level. If you see an opportunity to ship a deal differently than your current default, please coordinate with your buyer.

  • Gateway now supports self-service banking updates to keep your company financial information more secure. For more information and instructions, see this Vendor Helpdesk page.

  • Contract level final sale: Buyers will now be able to opt deals into final sale at the contract level. If you have questions, please reach out to your buyer.

  • Changes to RTV eligibility: Previously, RTV eligibility was determined by a set threshold for a product’s cost to Groupon, but buyers are now able to opt a deal into RTV eligibility regardless of cost. If you have questions, please reach out to your buyer.

  • For more information about Gateway account access, best points of contact, and platform training assistance, please see our Gateway Cheat Sheet

Groupon Custom Photography Services

Did you know that Groupon houses a professional photography team that can provide high-quality product imagery upon vendor request? Groupon imagery is shot to emphasize key product selling points, is zoom capable, and adheres to all site template specifications. Our team can produce imagery for apparel on model, lifestyle home, and many other product types in our Chicago studio. If you are interested in requesting product or lifestyle photography from Groupon's team, see this helpful resource for FAQs, instructions, rates, and examples of the team’s work. Please reach out to your buyer to discuss custom photography requests in more detail.



We recently released a new set of required product attributes to help provide Groupon customers a shopping experience with more clarity. For more info on these attributes, please see this announcement sent to vendors on 4/25.  We will also be releasing new Attachment Type Attributes in Gateway on Thursday, May 14th. These attributes are direct image URLs entered as attribute values which will appear as links on your deal page. You can read more about Attachment Type Attributes in this announcement sent to vendors on 5/2.  Please be sure to download the most recent bulk template from the Gateway Bulk Upload page, as older versions of the template do not include the newly required attributes.


Gateway Inventory Changes

We've announced exciting upcoming changes to inventory management in Gateway that we hope will result in faster and more accurate inventory reporting reflected in the platform. For full info on this transition, please see our Vendor Helpdesk Resource.


Paperless Vendor Invoicing

Did you know that Groupon Goods uses an auto-invoicing process to ensure vendor payment without the need to send us an invoice? For more info on this process and how it helps to keep our operations environmentally conscious, head to this Vendor Helpdesk Resource.

Site Development & Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience and Site Development teams have made progress on several exciting projects this quarter, including additional optimizations for mobile like Goods deal page improvements on Android, further testing of new product bundling and suggestion widgets, and the launch of more free shipping incentives similar to those we successfully ran during the 2017 holiday. Read on for more info on these improvements and more!


Automated exchanges will launch in Q3 and will provide a big boost to customer confidence in Groupon purchases, increasing loyalty, retention and mitigating the overall product refund volume. This improvement will enable customers to request replacement products for wrong, defective or faulty products instantly via our Online Returns Center. Stay tuned for more detailed information on how you can participate in this exciting program to improve customer confidence and loyalty in Groupon Goods products.

Product Bundling

Product bundling is a new type of recommendation mechanism that will allow algorithms and administrators to relate items on the Groupon site. This service will ultimately allow us to offer high-precision recommendations to customers such as memory cards on digital camera deals and yoga mattresses on yoga class deals. We announced our first bundling widget early this year, and have since tested or introduced several more, including related-item widgets on deal pages for web and touch, and “recently viewed” or  “trending deals” widgets. We will soon introduce “customer also bought” and “customer also viewed” widgets on deal pages and cart summary pages. Keep an eye out in the coming months for more updates on the results of these product bundling experiments!

Discovery and Conversion

Recently, our new virtual deal page algorithm launched in partnership with our product and customer experience teams. This algorithm helps redirect Google search traffic from expired deal pages to corresponding live deals, helping to ensure that sales are not lost when customers navigate to expired pages.

Goods Promotional Updates

Our teams have recently been hard at work on several projects aimed at expanding promotional opportunities for products, and brands. Our Merchandising team recently rolled out ‘Buy Category Again’ emails to Goods customers, based on past purchase behavior and aimed at driving purchase frequency within categories. Keep an eye out in the coming months for more information on other promotional initiatives our teams are working on!

Vendor Operations & Logistics

Express Shipping

Express 1 day (next day) and 2 Day shipping are now available on deals from our Kentucky Fulfillment Center (KFC) and Reno warehouse facilities.

For information on all our popular ongoing initiatives like Express Delivery, Hybrid Fulfillment, Multi-order Fulfillment, and Delivery Estimates, see our updated Vendor Ops Resource. These initiatives have helped vendors improve operational performance, and have received a great response from customers. We encourage you to explore the benefits of these programs and take steps to get involved today.

Inbound Freight Scheduling

We’ve recently implemented a new scheduling system for inbound freight deliveries to our Kentucky Fulfillment Center (KFC).  The process for scheduling at our Reno facility remains the same. All future shipments to KFC will need to be scheduled online via this system- you will need to register and create a login & password.

To get started:

  • Step 1: Go to

  • Step 2: Select your load type from the Load Type drop-down menu on the left

  • Step 3: Select the date of the shipment on the calendar

  • Step 4: Select the arrival time on the right

  • Step 5: Select the New User option to fill out your information OR Returning User if you have already registered

  • Step 6: Enter the BOL #, Total # of Pallets, Total # of Units,  and PO Number

  • Step 7: Click on the Finalize Appointment Button

After you have scheduled your first delivery through our online scheduler, you will only be required to login and provide the BOL #, Total # of Pallets, and PO Number going forward.  You will receive an email confirmation of your scheduled appointment. If you have questions or experience technical difficulties, please reach out to Nik Eisenbarth at


Ship to Canada

Ship to Canada is a new effort to increase business by double exposing Goods US deals to Groupon Canada (Excluding Quebec). This program will provide an additional sales channel and remove the need to set up and manage duplicate SKUs across regions. We'll be expanding our drop ship assortment over the next 6 months by partnering with carrier Landmark, who will manage international paperwork, logistics, and expenses on Groupon's behalf.  Changes to current processes should be minimal, and if your business is eligible to ship to Canada, we will reach out with further info. Look out for more information on shipping to Canada via Landmark in the coming months!

Until Next Time...

We love hearing from you, so if you have questions about anything, please reach out to your account manager by submitting a Vendor Help Desk ticket.

Warmest Regards,

Nikhil Sagar

General Manager Groupon Goods North America

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