After a product group has been featured, content edits are restricted to prevent products from going back through the approval process and preserve any editorial treatment applied to the deal. 

Vendors CAN update the fields below at any time. 

  • Brand

  • Reference Price Link

  • Merchant Available QTY 

  • Unit Cost (*note, this cannot be updated if the product group is Contracted).

  • Attributes


Vendors CANNOT update the fields below after a product group is featured. 

Please reach out to your buyer to update the information below. 

  • Images (Note, you will not be able to see or access the 'Image' tab after a product group is featured) 
  • Category 

  • Manufacture 

  • Name (Product Group/Deal Title)

  • Description

  • Bullet point

  • Variation group ID

  • Identifiers: SKU, Model number, Product ID

  • Reference price

  • Reference price type 

  • Logistics : Product and Package Measurements 

Note: Once a deal is featured any content updates will cause the deal go through the approval process (aka review status), temporarily removing the deal from the site.