There may be instances where your Buyer or Account Manager recommends moving products into another product group to solve an issue. Note that any time products are moved into another group a new permalink is created and any contracts or features will no longer apply to the deal. Also, the products may need to go through the approvals process again, which may delay products being live on the deal page. We do not recommend moving products into a new product group unless it is recommended by your Groupon partner.

1. Export your catalog on the Bulk Upload page by clicking on the button marked "Export Full Catalog". The file may take a few minutes to export.

2. Click on the "Complete" status next to your export in order to download your file. 

3. Open the downloaded file in Excel, or an Excel compatible program.

4. Find the products that you would like to move using search or filters, then find the Variation Grouping ID for the product group. Change the Variation Grouping ID for those products to a unique Variation Grouping ID. NOTE: Make sure that Variation Grouping ID is not taken by any other product group, or those products will go into the incorrect product group.