Products that are missing required attributes cannot be updated on the Update Product Group page until those attributes are added. 

If Merchant Available QTY needs to be updated, this can be done by either using the Cost & Quantity bulk upload tool or on the Products page (please see below for more detail).

Update Inventory on the Products page

1. Navigate to the Products page in Gateway.

2. Find your product(s) using the search filter. The best ways to find your product(s) is by using the SKU, Permalink or Product Group Name.

3. Inventory can be manually updated by editing the Merchant Available QTY field, then clicking the "Update" button. Multiple products can be updated at a time from this page. Unit Price can also be updated from the Products page using this method. Please remember to click the Update button once you have made your changes. 

NOTE: Inventory cannot be updated for products that have not been approved before.

Update Inventory Using the Cost & Quantity Bulk Tool

1. Go to the Bulk Upload page in Gateway

2. Click on the button marked “Cost & Inventory” under the "Export" section in order to download your catalog file. Do not use the Full Catalog download if you are only updating Cost and/or Inventory.

3. Open the downloaded .csv file in Excel

4. Create changes to any product field(s) except for SKU. SKU is the unique identifier for products and if this field is changed, a new product will be created.

5. Save your file in the original .csv format.

6. Once the file has completed, it will have a red cloud icon or green cloud icon. If a red cloud icon is present, your file has errors and needs to be revised. Any products not in the error file have been successfully uploaded. See How to fix a bulk upload error file if your file has errors.


7. When products have been uploaded, the "Status" column will show a green cloud icon. Your file was accepted and your products have been updated.