1. What does API offer in terms of order processing? 
    • API is an automated solution for receiving orders and uploading tracking. You can view Groupon's specs by clicking here

  2. Does API offer a solution for  inventory updates?
    • No, API  does not offer inventory updates. Inventory updates can only be made via EDI or in Gateway by using the Cost & Quantity bulk template or by manually going into the UI to update
  3. Is API available to vendors outside of USA?
    • Yes, API is available to all vendors
  4. What time zone in API in? 
    • API is in UTC time zone
  5. Where Can I get a Supplier token? 
    • Suppliers can generate access token by clicking here
  6. Where can I obtain my Supplier ID? 
    • You can go to your Commerce Interface account and look up your CI ID or if you're unsure, reach out to your Groupon Account Manager
  7. Is Mark Exported required with Order endpoint? 
    • Yes, if you are utilizing the get_orders endpoint to obtain order data, you must call the Mark Exported endpoint immediately after the get_orders endpoint
  8. What do I do if I receive a "response" as null after calling a correctly formatted endpoint? 
    • Let Groupon know immediately so that we can look into this asap
  9. What is the difference between groupon_cost and unit_price
    • Groupon_cost is what Groupon pays the vendor for that unit, unit_price is Groupon's sell price. Note that we do not share what a customer pays for an order as they may have purchased several items not all pertaining to the same vendor.