Attachment Type Attributes are direct URLs entered as attribute values. These image URLs appear as links on your deal page. Attributes that allow attachments will have an “Add attachment” button below them. 

When selecting the sizing chart attribute, vendors now have to provide a valid URL link for the value “standard” or “custom”. The files need to be in .jpg, .png, or .pdf format to be accepted. 

Add attachment in UI

  1. Within the product group page, find the product attribute on the “Edit” screen. For the attribute “Sizing Chart”, select the value of either “Standard” or “Custom”. Under “Custom Sizing Chart” field, put in a valid file and click “Add attachment”.

  2. Once the system accepts the provided link, below message will appear. 

      3. If an unacceptable link is provided or custom text is inputted, below error message will appear. 

Add in Bulk

  1. Find the attribute you are using on the “Attributes” tab or by using the drop-down arrows in the Bulk Upload Template. Make your attribute selection using the drop down. 

  1. Select the Attribute Value. 

  1. Once the the attribute value has been selected, add “//” after your drop-down choice, and enter the direct image URL.

How to convert image into URL link:

If you do not have a image URL link and would like to convert a sizing chart image into a URL link take the steps below.

  1. Go to the image tab of the product group, click on the image of the size chart.  

     2. Right click on selected image, and open in a new tab.  

    3. Copy URL from new tab and add .jpg to the end of it (example below):

Call Outs:

  • You can use the Bulk Upload page to export your full catalog, apply the newly required values, and re-upload your products to resolve the errors in bulk.

  • No existing live deals will be taken down where required attribute errors are present.

  • Adding the new attribute values will not move your live deals out of Approved status.  

  • If a deal is featured, the newly added link will not reflect on site.

  • You will still be able to update inventory using the Cost & Quantity bulk upload file, EDI, or UI for any deals that are missing required attributes.