After an order shows tracking movement, it is invoiced/paid to the vendor and is property of Groupon (Groupon becomes seller of record). Unless stated otherwise, all returns will be sent to Groupon's warehouse. All orders must have the return address, Groupon Goods | 1081 Aviation Blvd |  Hebron, KY 41048. All returns and customer support are to be managed by Groupon. 

Please note: 

  • We may ask Seller to provide information and/or answer questions about the Goods. Seller will provide such information and answer any questions promptly upon request by Groupon.
  • Links to any websites by Seller, other than, are not allowed.
  • Customer questions and concerns should be directed to Groupon’s customer support team. In the event a customer reaches out to the Seller’s customer support team, please direct the customer to email or visit