Failure to ship products in compliance with the Groupon Goods Vendor Guide will result in chargeback deductions from payments. All vendors sign and agree to the terms outlined in the vendor guide during onboarding. Please keep in mind all shipping standards and requirements are to ensure the best possible experience for our mutual customers. 

If shipping practices on your account are not compliant, you will be notified. Each week, you will receive an email including any and all non-compliance cost recovery (NCCRs) assessed to your account for the week prior. For more information on understanding these weekly NCCR files, click here. If you do not receive the attachment, be sure to check your email firewall settings. To adjust or check on the email recipient of these emails, please reach out to your account manager. 

If you'd like to submit an inquiry or dispute on any chargebacks assessed, you must be submit through this link. Select Contact Reason as "NCCR Chargeback Dispute" and attach the spreadsheet from the chargeback email along with any other pertinent information in order to review your dispute.