Top Issues for Vendors Providing Drop-Ship Services

  1. Late tracking upload  |  Tracking is loaded to CI past the order due on date in accordance to your account service level agreement. Shipping on time but not uploading tracking numbers is considered non-compliant. 

  1. Late shipping/late tracking movement  |  Goods must be picked up on the same day that tracking is uploaded in CI. If tracking does not show proof of shipment in 24-48 hours after tracking is uploaded (in the form of carrier scan) , this is considered non-compliant.

  2. Failure to ship an order  |  Canceling orders because of inventory shortage caused by errors in inventory management will result in chargeback penalties. Note, it is the vendor's responsibility to manage inventory and provide accurate quantities at all times. 

         NOTE: All orders open for 7+ days are automatically canceled. 7+ days is outside all shipping SLA's and Groupon's delivery promise. Failure to upload tracking and provide proof of shipment will result in auto cancellations and chargebacks for ‘Product Not Shipped’. 

  3. Incorrect Ship From/Return address on packaging and/or packing slip  |  All returns are to be directed to Groupon's warehouse. The current returns address is:

Groupon Goods

1081 Aviation Blvd

Hebron, KY 41048

  1. Failure to use an approved carrier service  |  Click here for a list of accepted carriers. Note, third party sorting services are not considered approved carriers. 

  2. Failure to follow Groupon branding instructions  | This includes failure to use Groupon stickers and tape. See instructions here on how to order Groupon branding, free of charge. 

  3. Uploading incorrect tracking information  |  Uploading the incorrect tracking numbers or carrier is considered non-compliant.