Per section (xi) under Drop Ship Services in the Vendor Guide, when vendors confirm a purchase order from Groupon Goods, all orders marked with the same Parent Order ID must be grouped together for shipping. Vendors are reminded that they will receive a chargeback for every order marked by our system as one that should have been aggregated by purchase date/Parent Order ID to be shipped together. The chargeback consists of $5 per split shipment box plus applicable shipping costs, and will appear as “Split Orders (Multis)”. Vendors will continue to be notified of chargebacks via standard email to the primary account holder. 

How to Combine Multi-Orders:

1. The parent_order_id allows orders to ship together. The parent order ID begins with the number 1, and can be found on your order file. 

2. If multiple line items in the CI exported file (or SFTP) have the same parent_order_id, vendors must wave and ship those items together. 

  • If Groupon drops a multi-line order which cannot be fulfilled out of one vendor-location, the vendor is expected to follow the same guidelines of fulfillment - i.e. ship all line items that one location has inventory for. 

3. The only condition under which the above can be violated is if any line item cannot be shipped in full. In that event, vendor is expected to:

            a. fulfill all lines for which all ordered units are available

            b. hold orders for lines for which no / partial units are available

            c. fulfill missed lines once all ordered units are available

NOTE: partial line items should not be shipped. Any line item should be shipped, if and only if, all units for that line are available.


4. The vendor should also consolidate and ship multiple orders with different parent_order_id together, if they are able to consolidate across multiple parent_order_id.


5.    For multiple orders in CI to be linked together by a common parent_order_id, the following criteria must be met:

            a. The orders must be from the same customer

            b. The orders must be shipping to the same address

            c. Per vendor’s configuration, these deals / items are sent to the same fulfillment warehouse


6.    If all the above criteria are met, then the orders will drop with one parent_order_id. The parent_order_id will be added to the Commerce Interface’s Orders Dashboard, and in the order files. It will also be exposed through APIs/EDI and FTP.


7.    In the sample order file attached, the new parent_order_id of 55555 links two orders together. These two orders must be shipped together in a single box

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