Where will I see Canadian orders?

  •  Orders for both US and CA customers will be dropped together via your current connection with CI (CSV, API, EDI).

How will I know which orders go to Landmark?

  •  Canada orders will show the shipping information as Landmark. You will not see the customer name / address in the shipping fields. You can also reference the “shipment_carrier” field which will show LDMK.

○ NOTE: Original advise was that the “shipment_method_requested” field would be LDMK.

How can we isolate Canada orders via EDI?

  •  If you use EDI for 850, you need to reference N1*ST segment of 850 (this is customer name which will read "Groupon c/o Landmark").

How do we find the fulfillment line item ID via EDI?

  •  The fulfillment line item ID corresponds to the REF*CO segment.


Do I have to complete Commercial Invoices or international paperwork?

  • No, Groupon and Landmark handle Customs clearance and paperwork.

How long do I have to ship Canada orders?

  •  You are required to meet your US contracted SLA.


What labels need to be sent for approval?

  •  If you currently ship US deals on Groupon's account - Please submit test labels per examples 1 and 3 in the Routing Guide.

  •  If you are currently shipping on your own account - Please submit test labels per example 1 for the Routing Guide.

  • I don’t see a customer address, how do I create shipping labels?

  •  The carrier label will be addressed to Landmark. Landmark will then label the package with the final customer information.

Is the fulfillment line item ID the same as the parent order ID?

  •  No, you can reference the fulfillment line item ID in column A of the sample order file.

Does Groupon provide the barcodes or support to set these up?

  • Groupon does not generate or provide the barcode labels (example 3 in Routing Guide) and recommends you work with your shipment software provider to implement.

  •  (Automation Provider used by vendor) If working with a shipping automation provider (ShipStation, ShipWorks, etc), you will need to reach out to your provider’s IT team and request instructions on generating custom labels that include one of the required barcode types listed in the Routing Guide.

  •  Ship Station Guide: https://help.shipstation.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004389112-Processing-Groupon-Goods -orders-using-Landmark-Fulfillment

  •  (Vendor uses FedEx to fulfill orders without an Automation Provider) If working with FedEx Ship Manager, please contact FedEx Technical Support at (1-877-339-2774) for inquiries on creating a custom label that includes one of the required barcode types listed in the Routing Guide.

    •  Landmark currently supports the following barcode types: GSI-128 (recommended), Code 39, and Code 128


Is overboxing required?

  •  If you ship on Groupon’s account, yes.

If we’re overboxing, how do we pack the individual orders, can we ship in bulk?

  •  Individual customer orders must be packed as you would a US customer shipment - packing slip included and in a shippable package. Instead of labeling with a carrier label, the individual order will require the fulfillment line item ID (Example Label 3).

If there is no carrier label on the individual package - how will I confirm shipment is complete in CI?

  •  Please upload the overbox tracking number for all individual shipments.


Does Groupon pay for the overbox packaging?

  •  No, Groupon does not cover the cost of packaging for any shipment.

My individual item packaging exceeds the maximum master carton dimensions, can we ship individual shipments instead?

  •  Please send a recap of your individual packaging dimensions and the master carton size that would be required to ship more than 1 unit to carriersetup@groupon.com for review.

Deal Selection / Approval

What does Whitelist mean?

  •  Whitelist means that your deals will be scanned weekly and any new launches will automatically be exposed to both Canada and US. This is preferred unless you have products that cannot legally be sold in Canada that you need to exclude.

What does Needs Review mean?

  •  You should opt your account to review deals if you have products that cannot legally be sold in Canada.

I have products greater than 20lbs - Should I select Needs Review to remove these items?

  •  You do not need to review deals for weights / dims as we are already removing those items.

I have Canada deals live already, will I also ship these to Landmark?

  •  No, after Landmark launch, the Canada team will reach out to close your live CA deals to avoid duplication. Until those deals are closed, please continue to ship as usual.

What can I do if I have deals live in CA and not in US?

  •  Please add these deals to Gateway to launch via Low Touch and they will be enabled for Canada.


My US deals were priced with domestic shipping on my or Groupon’s account, not international shipping.

  •  Your pricing will remain the same as you are shipping to a domestic Landmark location.

Will Canadian orders be paid as Canadian dollars?

  •  No, you will invoice and be paid for all orders US and Canadian together in USD.