In the summer of 2018, Groupon Goods will be launching our new Exchange Program. This is an exciting new initiative that will enable customers to request a replacement product in lieu of a standard return. This customer-friendly strategy aims to reduce refunds and follow through on our commitment to deliver fantastic products to our customers! 

How do Exchanges work? 

● Customer is dissatisfied with the product received. If eligible, they can request a replacement item to be sent via our online returns center, at no additional cost.A new order immediately drops to vendor/warehouse and ships to the customer via standard outbound process 

● Customer ships back original product within 30 days, or they will be charged for the additional item. 

● Groupon issues RMA, ships original product back to vendor, and deducts COGS from invoice 

● Customer is happy. Refund avoided! 

Benefits of the Exchange Program for Vendors 

● Reduce refund-based chargebacks: 

○ Damaged merchandise: $5/unit + 100% of COGS 

○ Missing pieces: $5/unit 

○ Delivered wrong product: $5/unit + 100% of COGS 

● Improve Ratings & Reviews 

○ Groupon will provide customers the link to either leave a review regarding their replacement or edit an existing review at the time of the exchange 

○ Deals with low Ratings & Reviews are not eligible for marketing 

● Improve customer experience and increase customer lifetime value