The delivery estimates program provides real time updates to our mutual customers on when they can expect to receive their package. Delivery estimates are Groupon’s customer experience standard. Simply put, delivery estimates takes your warehouse location and carrier service and compares them to the customer's location to provide an estimated date of delivery. 

All eligible vendors will be enrolled in the delivery estimates program with their supported carriers  per your Gateway Account Setup form responses. After your account is enabled, orders will drop to Commerce Interface with the carrier codes listed below. Orders should be shipped using the appropriate service and mapped in your systems accordingly.

The standard 24 hour shipping SLA applies to all delivery estimate orders. Orders dropped before 5pm in the time zone of your warehouse  must be shipped by 5pm the following business day. After 5pm, orders will be considered as dropped into CI the following business day. Please shipping SLA may vary, please contact your account manager if you have any questions about your account specific shipping SLAs. 

Not eligible to enroll in delivery estimates? 

Shipping from multiple carriers and shipping with even distribution from multiple warehouses will disqualify your account from enrolling in delivery estimates. The default carrier code/service will drop as BEST in CI. Use proper discretion to ship orders using the best method. Orders dropped as ‘Best’ before 5pm CST (central time) must be shipped by 5pm CST the following business day. After 5pm CST, orders will be considered as dropped into CI the following business day.