After products have been uploaded to the platform, they will go through a series of approvals before going live for customer purchase. 

Products will also go through the approval process after content edits are made to ensure content is appropriate at all times. This could take your products offline for a short period of time during the approval process. 

Process Overview: 

1. Auto Approval (by the systems to make sure the data is correct). 

2. Manual Approval (by a 3rd party team to make sure that the content is appropriate). 

3. Pricing Approval (also systematic approval). 

For a more details on approvals and how to correct, click here.

All Products will go live low touch for customer purchase once fully approved. Please note, inventory should be left at 0 if you are not prepared to ship according to the Groupon Goods Vendor Guide

You will be able to see the approval status on your Products and Products Group page in Gateway, as well as the approval stats page.

  • Rejected: Product cannot be accepted due to an issue. Hover over the “Rejected” box in order to see what issue you need to fix before your product can be acceptedFor a more details on approvals and how to correct, click here.
  • Pending: Product is waiting to pass approval checks from Groupon
  • Approved: Product has passed all approvals and is ready to go live

Please note: Approving contracts and features is a separate process than product approvals. You will be working with your buyer for the process of contracting and featuring. Here is a quick summary on how deals work for additional context. 

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Join Account Manager Zawadi M. as she walks you through the Gateway approval process.

The password for this video is: Gateway