Per the vendor guide, all skus included in 3PL shipments require a clear, scannable barcode. Failure to include a scannable barcode with valid UPCs will result in NCCR Chargebacks. Please see guidelines below and attached for instructions on how to ensure your UPCs are scannable. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager. 


1. Verify all units on PO and confirm SKUs match to products 

2. Download 3 of 9 font code (code 39, specialized barcode font) 

    a. Example below: 

    b. Download Link  

Validation Process: 

1. Create a word document with UPCs using 3 of 9 font 

2. Forward document to your Account Manager and the Fulfillment team ( you are 

coordinating with to confirm compatibility with warehouse 

3. Once OK is given you are able to move forward with using this format to print on labels 


    1. Avery labels + templates are recommended. You can locate templates through the 

        below link: