You can submit your company's product videos to Groupon Goods for inclusion on the deal page. Video on deal pages leads to a boost in sales by helping give customers the confidence to make a purchase. If you have videos showcasing any of your products, please download the attached template, fill it out and re-save, then email it to Lukas on our Operations team at

A few guidelines to note when producing videos:

1) Video content showcases the exact product for sale

2) Video does not depict offensive material (harsh language, nudity, violence, etc.) 

3) Vendor must own 100% of the copyright for the video (including all music and visuals)

4) Video is not overly compressed (heavily pixelated, poor image quality, etc.)

5) The recommended video length is around 3 minutes or less

6) We highly recommend that videos be shot horizontally rather than vertically

Feel free to reach out to Lukas with any video related questions at