Understanding the NCCR File

Your company may receive an email notification with the subject 'Non-Compliance Chargeback Recovery Issued' if you have been assessed Non-Compliance Chargeback Recovery fees caused by failure to comply with the Groupon Goods Vendor Guide. This email notification will include an NCCR file attached in Excel format. This resource walks you through how to understand the NCCR file column by column. 

If you would like to file a dispute or inquiry about your charges, please do so here.

The NCCR file will include all charges from the time period of review. Chargebacks are typically assessed on a weekly cadence. 

Please review the breakdown of each column below:  

 *Bolded items below pertain to the specific chargeback assessed. Non-bolded items are internal records related to your Company's account.

  • DATE The date that the chargeback was assessed by Groupon. 

  • SCI Initials Initials of Groupon Compliance personnel who assessed the chargeback.

  • NCCR Reason Code The Vendor Guide violation you are being charged for. See all NCCR Reason Codes in the Vendor Guide, starting on pg. 23.

  • Account Name Your Company’s name. 

  • GL ID Your company’s Groupon Goods account number. 

  • Permalink Deal permalink 

  • Opportunity ID  The Groupon opportunity ID associated with this deal. 

  • Fulfillment Method Method by which the order was fulfilled.

  • Line Item ID This is the unique ID assigned to every Groupon order. You can use the line item ID to search for this order in CommerceInterface. If you are being assessed charges for 3PL or Consignment, this will be the PO#. 

  • Tracking Number  The tracking number your company uploaded in CommerceInterface for this order. 

  • Quantity Number of units associated with this charge.


  • Due On Date order was due to have tracking uploaded in CommerceInterface. This is based on your approved SLA, and also reflected in CI. 

  • Tracking Received Date Date tracking info was uploaded in CommerceInterface. 

  • Shipped On Date Date “in-transit” scan was received from carrier. 

  • COGS  Cost of Goods Sold. 

  • NCCR This column contains the chargeback rate corresponding to the NCCR Reason Code as laid out in the Vendor Guide. 

  • Total NCCR Amount This is the total fee you are being charged

  • AP Ded Code A unique code that will tie back to your remittance center (in CI) to better assist you in reconciling charges. This will appear as a summation of the total charges from said week in CI.

  • Comment A brief description with a few details about the charge.

Understanding Your Charge

Below are examples of how to understand your charge using the NCCR file  

NCCR Reason Code column states one of the following: 

Late Drop Ship – Late Upload 

Review the 'due on' column, which contains the date tracking was due to be uploaded. Review 'tracking received date' for the date tracking was received. When assessed for late upload, these two columns will have a difference of at least 1+ days. You can verify ‘due on’, and ‘tracking received on’ dates in CommerceInterface using the line item ID. 

Late Drop Ship – Late Movement

Review the 'tracking received on' column, which contains the date tracking was uploaded into CommerceInterface. Review 'shipped on date' to find the date an in-transit scan was received from the carrier. When assessed for late movement, the difference will be at least 3+ business days. You can verify ‘tracking received on’ date in CommerceInterface using the line item ID You can review the package history by entering the info in the 'tracking number' column on the carrier's website. 

Product Never Shipped – Refunds/Dead Tracking 

Dead tracking is assessed when an item does not receive an ‘in transit’ scan for 7+ days. You can review the package history by taking the info in the 'tracking number' column and entering it on the carrier's website.

If you have further questions about an order assessed for another NCCR reason code, please inquire here.