Dear Vendor Partners, 


Here at Groupon Goods, we always want you to feel comfortable when reaching out to your primary business partners. We recently introduced you to your Account Management team, and this week we'd like to introduce you to your Buying team and let them share a little bit about themselves. The Buyers are your primary contacts for product planning and promotions, deal content and contract negotiations. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have!


From Left: Megan Harr, Krystal Peal, Taylor Keopke 

How long have you been a Buyer with Groupon Goods? 


Krystal Peal: 1 year 


Megan Harr: 6 months


Taylor Koepke: 1 year


What product categories does the footwear team cover?


Krystal Peal: I manage Women’s Footwear


Taylor Koepke: I manage Men’s and Kid’s Footwear


Megan Harr: I support Taylor and Krystal in Women’s, Men’s & Kid’s footwear as their Assistant Buyer


What does a buyer do in the course of the day?


Krystal Peal/Taylor Koepke: Buyers manage their business through vendor negotiations, assortment launches, and marketing campaigns. We sometimes plan launches and campaigns months in advance, but there is a lot of day to day work to be managed too. 


Megan Harr: Assistant Buyers help with reporting, send co-op to vendors, manage deal edits, and handle a variety of other day-to-day tasks.


When should vendors contact their buyer?


Krystal Peal & Taylor Koepke: Contact us whenever you have questions or concerns about product, costing, marketing, and/or strategy.  


Megan Harr: Contact me whenever you have a question about a live deal or co-op contract, have PO changes or requests, or need more information on the weekly recaps.


What is your favorite thing about being a buyer?


Krystal Peal: I love working closely with vendors to build an enticing assortment for our wide customer base. 


Taylor Koepke: I love being able to utilize my strengths in Product Development and Analytics to help drive and run my business.


Megan Harr: I enjoy learning about market trends, meeting with vendors and building out an assortment.


What is your favorite thing about working with Goods vendors?


Krystal Peal: I love working with vendors who have a passion for developing the business together. 


Taylor Koepke: I really enjoy building long lasting relationships and being able to communicate clearly on a daily basis. 


Megan Harr: I like building relationships and learning about vendor product.


How can vendors reach you?


Krystal Peal: By email-


Megan Harr: By email at


Taylor Koepke: preferably by email -