Dear Vendor Partners, 


Here at Groupon Goods, we always want you to feel comfortable when reaching out to your primary business partners. We recently introduced you to your Account Management team, and this week we'd like to introduce you to your Buying team and let them share a little bit about themselves. The Buyers are your primary contacts for product planning and promotions, deal content and contract negotiations. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have!


From left: Rebecca Meyer, Shannon Leiner, Kelsey Durocher


How long have you been a Buyer with Groupon Goods?


Shannon Leiner: 5.5 years


Kelsey Durocher:  1.5 years


Rebecca Meyer: 1.5 years


What product categories does the Men’s Apparel team cover?


Shannon Leiner: I oversee all Men’s Apparel, specifically Men’s Suiting and Tops.


Kelsey Durocher: I buy Men’s Bottoms, Activewear & Outerwear.


Rebecca Meyer: I help Kelsey & Shannon with all Men’s categories.


What does a buyer do in the course of the day?


Shannon Leiner: Many things! I analyze sales at a total category level and deal level. I determine which deals are out of stock and which should be included in marketing. I plan deals for the coming weeks and work with vendors on planning styles for future deliveries. We also work with vendors to project according to our size and color sales needs. 


Kelsey Durocher: I analyze sales metrics to determine deal and vendor performance, and utilize that information to take action on current and future business.


Rebecca Meyer: I preview and help with deals going live. I also check inventory on our deals, collect and reach out for our co-op, and help with marketing!


When should vendors contact their buyer?


Shannon Leiner: Contact your buyers with any deal issues or new deals you’d like to plan. You can reach out to us for most questions you have, and we can always direct to the correct person if needed. 


Kelsey Durocher: I always like to plan out next season for key items, so please keep us in the loop as you’re placing orders so we can discuss projections.


Rebecca Meyer: Contact me if you have any inventory updates or changes to your current or launching deals.


What is your favorite thing about being a buyer?


Shannon Leiner: Product! I love being able to see something we planned end up selling well. Groupon is great because we can react so quickly if customers love an item. 


Kelsey Durocher: I love seeing the deals that I have worked to plan all year come to fruition in Q4, and the positive customer reviews that come from product that I have built out with vendors! 


Rebecca Meyer: The Product! I love seeing what we have going live and planning for upcoming trends!


What is your favorite thing about working with Goods vendors?


Shannon Leiner: I love when my vendors are eager to grow.


Kelsey Durocher: I like the agility that we have to drive the business together - our vendors are always able to pivot quickly to react to sales and demand.


Rebecca Meyer: I really enjoy working with vendors to get new product up and running!


How can vendors reach you?


You can reach our team at