Dear Vendor Partners,


Here at Groupon Goods, we always want you to feel comfortable when reaching out to your primary business partners. We recently introduced you to your Account Management team, and this week we'd like to introduce you to your Buying team and let them share a little bit about themselves. The Buyers are your primary contacts for product planning and promotions, deal content and contract negotiations. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have!


From Left: Hayley Smith, Margaret McEvoy, Sarah Schuster, Jen Colburn 

How long have you been a Buyer with Groupon Goods? 


Hayley Smith: 8 years


Jen Colburn: 4 years


Margaret McEvoy: 8 years


Sarah Schuster: 1.33 years


What product categories does your team cover?


Hayley Smith: I buy Women’s Bottoms, Kids & Baby Apparel, Maternity.


Jen Colburn: I buy Women’s Dresses, Activewear, Outerwear and Suiting.


Margaret McEvoy: I buy Women’s Tops.


Sarah Schuster: I support all of women’s apparel. 


What does a buyer do in the course of the day?


Hayley Smith: We answer vendor emails and calls, plan out deals (which involves approving contracts and scheduling features in Gateway), plan marketing, search competitor’s sites, and discuss new product sourcing with vendors.


Jen Colburn: We do a lot of data analysis and find out what’s trending. We work with vendors on inventory planning and forecasting. We plan for upcoming marketing events and schedule upcoming feature launches. We also handle hands-on product development of major programs, providing inspiration, reviewing samples, and engaging in cost negotiation to hit targets.


Margaret McEvoy: I pull and analyze sales reports, manage inventory, send projections, plan our assortment and create assortment strategies. I also plan marketing, source vendors, review and identify products, negotiate cost and co-op, review contracts, plan features, and merchandise deals.


Sarah Schuster: I pull data, update reports, and analyze performance. I load deals into our ILS loader for Deal of the Day & upcoming marketing collections, review upcoming deal previews for accuracy, submit co-op and let vendors know it’s ready to approve.


When should vendors contact their buyer?


Hayley Smith: Please get in touch when you have questions about how to launch deals, when you’re sending over your CADS, updating inventory or cost, or when you have any product related questions.


Jen Colburn: Reach out when you would like feedback on product (sending over detailed info such as images/CADS, pricing, delivery timing, available inventory), or if you have any urgent concerns on top selling deals. I always love getting detailed plans for the upcoming months! The more proactive our communication the better I can help your business succeed.


Margaret McEvoy: I’d love for you to be in touch about product, cost, inventory or deal info related questions and concerns.


Sarah Schuster: Contact me with questions related to product! If you have questions about order fulfillment (connecting to ShipStation, chargebacks, etc.) and technical bugs (Gateway errors, etc.), you can submit a Helpdesk ticket to talk to an Account Manager. 


What is your favorite thing about being a buyer?


Hayley Smith: I love building vendor partnerships and discovering new products for customers!


Margaret McEvoy: I really enjoy working with product and taking part in the creative planning process for assortments and strategy.


Sarah Schuster: I love observing and analyzing trends, whether it be from a numbers and sales perspective or a fashion and style perspective. 


What is your favorite thing about working with Goods vendors?


Hayley Smith: I love the collaboration and the willingness to source and test trends. I really appreciate it when vendors are always willing to partner with us on marketing opportunities and deal launch strategies. 


Jen Colburn: I love when a program I’ve collaborated on with a vendor really takes off and drives the business - it’s a great feeling when a partnership pays off!


Margaret McEvoy: I love the willingness to test new ideas and opportunities


Sarah Schuster: I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with and get to know vendors of different backgrounds from around the world and hear about their experiences in the apparel business.


How can vendors reach you?


Team: The best way to get in touch is via email!