Here at Groupon Goods, we always want you to feel comfortable when reaching out to your primary business partners. We recently introduced you to your Account Management team, and this week we'd like to introduce you to your Buying team and let them share a little bit about themselves. The Buyers are your primary contacts for product planning and promotions, deal content and contract negotiations. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have!



How long have you been a Buyer with Groupon Goods?


Doug Giacomelli: 4 Years


Julie Glover:  2.5 years


Tigana Cain: 4 Years


Kirstin Franke: 1.3 years


What product categories does the Entertainment, Media, Toys and Baby team cover?


Entertainment Categories


Video Games 


Console Accessories 

Games (Console and PC) 

PC Gaming Accessories 

Gaming VR 

Digital Subscription Cards 


Novelty Gaming 

Plug and Play Game systems 

Gaming Furniture 


Physical and Digital 




Digital Bibles 

Flash Cards 

Learning Reference cards 


Physical and Digital 

TV shows 

Learning DVDs 

Sports DVDs

TV/ Movie Streaming Services 


Physical and Digital 



Music Storage 


All PC and Mac Software 

PC Gaming Software 

Digital Entertainment Services 


Gaming subscriptions 

Streaming Music Services 

Streaming Video Services 

Digital Media 


Coins/ Currency 

Entertainment Collectibles 

Collectible Display items 

All collectibles EXCEPT sports collectibles 

Novelty Games and Gifts (Children’s games are in the Toys & Baby category)

Adult Games 

Teen+ age-rated games

Drinking Games 

Adult-themed party games 

Bachelor/ Bachelorette Games 

Gambling sets/ games/ accessories 

(**Adult Couples restricted games are not in the Entertainment category- these live in the "Sexual Wellness" category)

Hobby Games  

RPG Games 

Role Play Games like Magic the Gathering 

Interactive Murder Mystery

Collectible classics (i.e Themed Chess Boards,...) 


Party Supplies

Party favors 




Theme collections 



Toys & Baby Categories


Educational Toys

Outdoor Toys

Electronic Toys

Dolls & Action Figures

Games & Puzzles

Building Sets


What does a buyer do in the course of the day?


Doug Giacomelli:  We execute category strategy, forecast sales, analyze product and sales data, plan marketing, help you launch new deals, audit our site and keep an eye on competitors. We also correspond with our manufacturer, supply and distribution partners, collaborate with internal business teams, and we always look for ways to enhance the customer experience!


Julie Glover: I curate deals into marketing collections and collect co-op from our vendors. 


Tigana Cain: I manage & source products for the site, handle deal launches  and marketing promotions. I also negotiate terms of sale, price points and margin on product sold.


Kirstin Franke: I help with strategy and growth of the Baby category, I plan marketing, and work with vendors and my team to launch new deals. I also request new contracts for Baby and Fanshop, collect co-op for Baby, Toys, Computing and Fanshop, collaborate with internal business teams in Editorial and Account Management, and onboard new vendors. 


When should vendors contact their buyer?


Doug Giacomelli:  Contact us anytime you have new product available, are interested in promotional marketing opportunities, or have updates to existing product or assortment. If you're selling  in the Entertainment category, any information regarding release dates on new content or product is always appreciated.  We are also open to set up business reviews or meetings by request.


Tigana Cain: Vendors are always welcome to reach out in regards to our ongoing or prospecting partnership. We are always looking to improve the customer experience by offering the best products at a great price.


Kirstin Franke: I am happy to help with any of your questions and I typically try to reply as soon as possible. Vendors should reach out to me with new product, contracts, potential marketing requests, and other urgent issues.


What is your favorite thing about being a buyer?


Doug Giacomelli:  Finding ways to excite our customers and keep them engaged, developing business partnerships, building assortments, and growing the business!


Tigana Cain: I enjoy working with our vendor partners to offer an exciting assortment to our customers. 


Kirstin Franke: I would have to say my favorite thing is creating a meaningful assortment for our customers. I like to collaborate with my vendors in new ways to feature and market their product and, of course, I love working with my Groupon colleagues.


What is your favorite thing about Goods vendors?


Doug Giacomelli: All the Goods vendors I have had the opportunity to work with have been very collaborative, flexible, and have a mutual interest in growing our businesses together.  I think of our vendor relationships as business partnerships.  


Tigana Cain: Working with our Goods vendor partners has been one of the highlights of my career at Groupon. I really enjoy the collaborative effort on both ends to provide the best customer experience possible and grow our businesses together.


Kirstin Franke: I was on the Goods Operations team for many years, so I have met most of the vendors that we currently work with! I’ve experienced a lot in my time here, but the one constant is the eagerness and dedication of our vendors.


How can vendors reach you?


Doug Giacomelli:  


phone: 312.459.5857


Julie Glover:


Phone:  (312) 662-6581

Tigana Cain:


Phone: (312) 459-5853


Kirstin Franke:


Phone:  (312) 870-5293