Here at Groupon Goods, we always want you to feel comfortable when reaching out to your primary business partners. We recently introduced you to your Account Management team, and this week we'd like to introduce you to your Buying team and let them share a little bit about themselves. The Buyers are your primary contacts for product planning and promotions, deal content and contract negotiations. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have!



How long have you been a Buyer with Groupon Goods?


Scott Okner: I’ve been with Groupon for 7 Years


Tiffani Byrd: I’ve been a Goods Buyer for 3.5  years 


Bethany Pent: I’ve been here for 3 years!


Liza Tabak: 1 ½ years


What product categories does your team cover?


Team: We buy Portable Audio, Car Electronics and Musical Instruments


What does a buyer do in the course of the day?


Team: We negotiate pricing, source product, merchandise and promote our assortment, and analyze online metrics such as sell-thru, gross profit, impressions, etc.


When should vendors contact their buyer?


Team: Please get in touch if you have new products and low costs to offer!


What is your favorite thing about being a buyer?


Scott Okner: Wielding the Mighty Buying Stick


Tiffani Byrd: I love being on the forefront of new product trends.


Bethany Pent: I really enjoy planning an assortment our customers will love.


Dana Futris: I love coming into work because there is always something different and exciting happening. I also enjoy working closely with the vendors to source new fun products to list on Groupon! 


What is your favorite thing about working with Goods vendors?


Scott Okner: Sealing the big deal! 


Tiffani Byrd: I really enjoy sourcing and working on product development with vendors.


Bethany Pent: My favorite thing is working together to strategize and plan new product launches!


Dana Futris: Over the years I’ve built strong, trustworthy relationships with our vendors, and I enjoy working with them day to day. We look forward to our weekly calls to hear directly from the vendors. 


How can vendors reach you?


Scott Okner: Email -


Tiffani Byrd: Email - 


Bethany Pent:  Email -


Dana Futris: Email -