Our objective is to satisfy our customers with quality products delivered in a timely manner. To accomplish this, we ask for your adherence to the timelines and standards set forth in the Vendor Guide

If you experience issues fulfilling orders in adherence to these timelines and standards, please contact your Account Management and Compliance team as soon as possible.

Late Drop Ship – Late Upload

‘Late Upload’ chargebacks are assessed when a tracking number is not uploaded in CommerceInterface by the assigned due date. Your tracking upload due date correlates with your approved SLA.

  • If you need an upcoming exception for late upload due to holiday closure, please submit a closure request here at least 5 business days in advance. Only late upload is waived during holiday closures, so please do not upload tracking until you are back in office and ready to ship.

Late Drop Ship – Late Movement

‘Late Movement’ chargebacks are assessed when tracking is uploaded in CommerceInterface, but the item does not receive a transit scan from the carrier within the allotted window. Please refrain from uploading tracking until items are ready to ship, as this instantly notifies the customer that the item is on its way.

Product Never Shipped

‘Product Never Shipped’ chargebacks are assessed when an order is cancelled in CommerceInterface due to Vendor shortage. To avoid receiving cancellation chargebacks due to lack of inventory, please manage inventory as accurately as possible.

Customer Refund Related Chargebacks  

As part of your partnership with Groupon, our Customer Service team handles all inbound and outbound customer service inquiries regarding orders for your business. When a customer reports an order issue as a result of vendor error, the following chargebacks can be assessed:

  • Product Never Shipped - Refunds/Dead Tracking

  • Product Received - but wrong item shipped

  • Missing Quantity or Empty Package

  • Product Received - but damaged in transit

  • Product Received - but outside of shipping window