When trying to search for a deal via Product Group Page there are a couple of additional search options that are added for Product Groups.

  1. FBG Pre-Buy Compliant: Yes or No

    1. This functionality makes it easier for vendors to search by FBG products. It also makes it easier to look at a permalink and see on the main page if the deal is a FBG Pre-Buy deal. This means that the FBG specific fields are filled out and the blacklist flag is unchecked. 

  2. Blacklisted: True (checked), False (not checked)

    1. The default value for this flag is True (checked). Please ask your buyer to uncheck this flag for the deal to be FBG compliant.

Creating a Product Group via UI

1. Click on “Add Product Group” in the left-hand navigation menu.

2. Click inside the text box below “Which category describes your product?” and type in keywords pertaining to the category where your product fits.

3. Based on the categories that are shown, choose the category that best matches your product.

4. Upon providing a category, your product page will expand to allow you to provide information about your product. Fill in the appropriate information, noting that any required fields are marked with an asterisk. You will be able to return later and change the information on this page if you need to make edits or additions.

5. In order to enter a bullet point, click on the “Bullet Points” field, type your information and press the Enter key. Bullet points should be under 128 characters and include concise selling points of the product.

  • To edit a bullet point, click on the bullet point text, make changes, and press the Enter key

  • To delete a bullet point, click on the “x” to the right of added text

6. If you have a warranty associated with your products, enter the information in the warranty-related fields. All fields must be filled in order for the warranty to be part of the deal page. Once all fields are filled, click on the Warranty File button to upload an image of the warranty. For more information, see How to Enter Claimed Warranties. If your products do not have a warranty, the section can be left blank.

7. Enter your Reference Price Link and Retail Site Link. The Reference Price Link is a site URL where the products can be purchased at the provided Reference Price (MSRP). The Retail Site Link is a site URL where your product is being sold by the brand or manufacturer, if available.

8. If your deal needs a Prop 65 flag added please select the flag so it can show the Prop 65 warning on the deal page. 

9. Blacklist- this flag will be checked for all items. If you want to propose a contract for an item that is FBG compliant then the buyer will need to go in and uncheck the blacklist flag to enable FBG.  

Create your products

Once the initial product group information is complete, click the "Add a Product" link to add products to your group. 

Once you click “Add a Product” you will enter any identifying information about your products, such as SKU, Model number, Product ID, Quantity, Unit Price, and Sell Price  

Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

Note: A vendor can be both Dropship and FBG. However, If they want to create a pure FBG deal, then they would need to make sure that the inventory is 0 when creating the product. Once the deal is Contracted and the PO is cut, the deal will automatically go live. If the vendor does input inventory for a FBG specific deal, the deal will go live as low touch dropship. 

Once your information has been entered, you will notice a red exclamation point symbol to the right of your sell price. This indicates that you are required to enter more information. If you hover over the symbol, text will appear describing the missing information for the product.

  • In order to enter this information for one product at a time, click on the “Edit Details” link. 

  • To edit more than one product at a time, select the checkbox next to the product list (or the checkbox at the top of the list) and click the "Edit Selected" button.

NOTE: Only add distinguishing attributes when editing product one at a time. If you are editing in bulk, no distinguishing attribute fields should be filled in.

The “Edit Details” button will open a new screen, giving you the opportunity to enter more information about your product. Below are the new fields that were added specific for FBG deals.


        Kitting Details: If you select “is bundle” then this field will populate. Kitting details is a process in which related items can be grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. You will need to input the UPCs you would like to kit together and sold as a package deal. 

Example, if you have a purple shirt and a pink shirt and you want to combine the two, you can check the is bundle flag which will populate kitting details

Format for 1 unit of multiple UPCs= UPC x 1, UPC2 x 1, UPC3x 1

Format for multiple units of multiple UPCs=  UPC x 3, UPC2 x 1, UPC3 x 2


Multiple new fields have been added to this tab, please see below of what each field means. In order for a product group to be FBG compliant, Package Type and Cartons Per Pallet are required fields.

  1. Hazardous Material: if your product is hazardous, please select this box and input the link of your safety sheet 

  1. Is LTL: An “LTLShipment” is any shipment that is not considered a “small parcel shipment” by the applicable carrier (LTL being any such shipment that is equal to or less than 20 linear feet, or equal to or less than 20,000 pounds) 

  1. Case Pack Only: Select this if you are only selling items in case packs

                Units per Case Value (1-9999)

  1. Product Expirable: if your product is expirable, please select this box, or leave it blank if it is not

  1. Package Type: Select the below accordly for the packaging type of your item

    1. Is shippable in bag

    2. Is shippable in box

    3. Can it be shipped in its own container (SIOC)

  1. Are Pallets Stackable: Select box if you are selling pallets and if they are able to shipped stacked

  1. Ships in Master Carton: select this box if your item is shipping in a master carton and enter the type and measurements in the fields below

    1. Master Carton measurements: LxWxHxW

    2. Master Carton case type: Small or Medium

  1. Cartons Per Pallet: Input how many pallets are in the shipment with the value being (0-9999)

14. Once you are done entering this information, select Okay. You will be returned to the previous product information page. If all product details have been entered correctly the symbol which was previously a red exclamation point is now a grey checkmark. If you still have a red exclamation point, hover your mouse over it to see what fields were unfilled or not accepted and click again on the “Edit Product Details” page to enter any missing information. When you see all options have grey check marks, click on the “Save & Continue” box at the bottom of the page to move on to the Images tab.

Bulk uploading 

Currently Bulk is not supported for FBG, however vendors can Bulk upload items as dropship. Once the items are in Gateway, the vendors can go to their buyers to have them uncheck the blacklist flag and once that's done, vendors can fill out the FBG specific fields (Package Type and Cartons Per Pallet).