Vendors are able to add images to deals that are Featured via Bulk Upload.  Please follow the steps below if you would like to add additional images. 

1. Log in to Gateway

2. On the left-hand navigation tab, click bulk upload

3. Download your Full Catalog 

4. Once you open your catalog, Find the deals you would like to update images on and delete all other deals. 

5. In the images section, input the image links you would like to add. You can add up to 3 alternate images along with the Main Image.

The URL format must begin with https:// and end in .jpg, .png, or .gif

6. Save the file as CSV format

7. Upload the file in GW

8. Once the upload is complete go back into the product group to make sure images have been added.

9. If you are having trouble adding images, please reach out to your Account Manager.