The bulk upload feature is a great tool for vendors with large catalogs. It can be used to create multiple products at once using a spreadsheet, instead of filling in fields one-at-a-time.

1. Click on “Bulk Upload” in the left-hand navigation menu.

2. Download the bulk upload template by clicking on the box marked “Generic Template”.

3. If prompted to enable or disable macros, click on the “Enable Macros” button.

4. Open the downloaded .xls file in Excel.

5. Fill in the cells, according to the column headers. Each row represents one product or variation. For example, a product with no variations would be one row and a product with 4 variations would be 4 rows. For a description of bulk upload fields, please refer to the Field Requirements and Limits or click on the file’s “Definitions” tab. Click here to download an example bulk upload file.

PLEASE NOTE: Vendor SKU is the unique identifier for products; any information attached to the Vendor SKU will be created for that SKU. Once created, the Vendor SKU cannot be changed.

6. Any column which requires specific data for validation will have a set of arrows when selected. Clicking on these arrows will show a list of valid options for this column.
a. Columns highlighted in blue are required
b. Columns highlighted in green are recommended (but not required)
c. Columns in white are optional.

NOTE: In order to enter your category ID, you can either choose from the drop-down menu in the "Category ID" column or go to the "Category ID" tab and copy from a list of all valid category IDs.

For more information about validation and values, please refer to the other tabs in the .xls file.

7. Save file as a .csv (Note: Uploading tool will not accept the file’s original .xls format)
8. Click on the “.CSV” button at the top of the page to choose a file from your computer.

9. Your file status will be shown in the list below with the completion percent to the left of the file information.

10. Once the file has completed, it will have a red cloud icon or green cloud icon. If a red cloud icon is present, your file has errors and needs to be revised. Any products not in the error file have been successfully uploaded. See How to fix a bulk upload error file if your file has errors.

11. When products have been uploaded, the file status will show a green cloud icon. Your file was accepted and your products are now available on both the Products page and Product Groups page.

To download your original file after it has completed, click on the Source File name.

Join Account Manager Kate Heinricher as she walks you through the Gateway Bulk Upload template column by column.

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