Once you have uploaded your tracking file for open orders and the carrier has confirmed pick up, those units will then become available for invoicing. On Saturdays, the auto invoicing system will submit an invoice for all the units shipped to date. Once that invoice has been posted, you will receive a version of the email below.

To view all created invoices, track invoicing progress, and links to further details per invoice created you can go to the Remittance Center tab. You can either find this by following the link in the invoice email or by searching in the Search function on the far right corner.

From the Summary screen you will be able to view important information such as:

  • Units Shipped/Received
  • Units Invoiced Already
  • Total $ Amount open for invoicing

The exported Remittance file will include the same summary of the Remittance tab, as well as order level details per invoice, payment amount, expected payment date, and more. 

Once an invoice has been submitted, the Invoice will be added under the Invoice Line Item Details. Under the Invoice Line Item Details, you will be able to view important information about invoice date, payment due date, amount invoiced, and this is where invoice numbers can be updated with a unique vendor invoice number.

To drill down for a more detailed view of the invoice, click on the Invoice Product Information. From this view, you will be able to view the SKU(s) invoiced, Product name/description, units invoiced and total amount invoiced. As mentioned before, the new invoicing system will allow for you to export a PDF version of your invoice

For further training or questions, please submit a Help Desk ticket.